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For the past few months I have been getting my weekly supply of fruit and vegies from the CERES Fair Food service (previously known as CERES Food Connect). CERES Food Connect is an organic food delivery service, where you purchase direct from the farmer. All of the fruit and vegetables are sourced locally and the {more}

The Brooding Architect got me a food processor for my last birthday. I know a lot of women would be horrified to receive electrical appliances as presents, but this was a gift after my own heart. To put in bluntly, my food processor is shit hot. I have no idea why I struggled blending up {more}

When I moved to Melbourne for work last year, The Brooding Architect and I moved into a little flat in Brunswick, sight unseen. Sure, we had seen plenty of photos of the flat but had no idea of what the suburb was like. To prepare me, The Brooding Architect bought a copy of the early {more}

I am a lawyer who loves to eat, cook and drink (original I know). I currently live in Melbourne-via-Brisbane and, in true lawyer style, have a tendency to over punctuate. My husband, The Brooding Architect, has asked me to stop talking to him about food. This blog will let me rant about all of things {more}