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As I mentioned in my previous post, The Brooding Architect and I watched the AFL Grand Final with some man friends at the House of Trouser. I think my presence is tolerated at these ’man only’ events because: I love sports and competition (it is an eldest child thing); I swear like a trooper and am not easily offended (it {more}

These Thai Braised Beef Cheeks are one of my signature dinner party dishes. They are ridiculously easy to make and the end result is luxuriously rich, melt in your mouth meat. Simply brown the beef cheeks, then place all of the ingredients in your slow cooker. Flick the switch, walk down to Casa Del Lygon {more}

This weekend it felt like Melbourne finally got that touch of spring and gave us some much needed sunshine and beautiful blue sky. After months of heavy slow cooked food, red wine and baked treats, my body is screaming for some long overdue exercise and lighter foods. This Asian Herb and Cucumber Salad is fresh, {more}

As I mentioned a few posts back, The Brooding Architect is a big pizza fan.  In his mind the only thing better than a pizza date is a cheap (but good) pizza date. One of your local haunts is the A1 Bakery. The decor, staff and prices at A1 Bakery have not changed since the {more}

A lovely couple we know are in the process of ‘adopting’ a British Shorthair. I did not realise that cat adoption was such serious business.  To find their dream chubby cheeked kitten our friends are rigorously vetting cat breeders and feline family trees. So far they have touched base with about 10 different breeders. Despite {more}

The Brooding Architect and I are rapidly approaching our second wedding anniversary. Our first wedding anniversary was a bit of a write off as we were not even living in the same city. So this year I am feeling the pressure to go to some kind of effort to express my love and appreciation for the swell guy {more}

Hi Readers (all 27 of you) Just a public service announcement to let you all know about the Asian Food Fesitval which is currently happening in Melbourne. A lot of the festival events are ticketed,  there is however a free hawker stall style night market, ‘Pasar Malam’, on this Saturday, 18 September 2010. Pasar Malam will be set up on Heffernan {more}

After a full day of wine touring, The Brooding Architect and I spent a morning recovering (letting the alcohol seep from our pores) at the Peninsula Hot Springs. A morning of soaking in 42 degree pools, followed by saunas and plunge pools really works up the appetite. On the way back to Melbourne, we stopped {more}

This weekend The Brooding Architect and I went down to the Mornington Peninsula with a group of friends for yet another weekend of wine touring. Although we only just got went to the Yarra Valley a few weeks ago, one of our friend’s managed to find some ‘bargain basement’ priced accommodation in Rye and at {more}

In addition to being members of the Red Wine Club, The Brooding Architect and I are also members of a Pizza Club. Generally, the Brooding Architect is not a fan of organised group activities. More often than not he prefers to chill out at home with some beers and our latest obsession, the late 90s {more}