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I have a confession to make. I have actually had this post sitting in my drafts for some time now, but have held off publishing it due to the dismal weather. However, finally, after a few sneaky days (weeks? months?)  of rain, summer – aka perfect beer drinking weather - seems to be back with a {more}

It is still November, however the pre-Christmas madness has well and truly descended.  I, as always, am avoiding the crowds and doing the bulk of my shopping online.  (I swear, although it does not seem like it, this post will be loosely food and drink related). When I was trawling through THE online mecca of gifts {more}

Summer is well and truly here – evidenced by the 30 plus temperatures which are predicted in Melbourne for the rest of week. This leads me to the following conclusions: I am grossly underprepared for 10 days of  parading around in shorts and swimmers while on the Sunshine Coast for 10 days over Christmas; If I {more}

I have been a terribly slack blogger of late.  I wish I could tell you that it was for very glamorous reasons, like too many early Christmas gatherings or a whirlwind holiday. Unfortunately my reasons for lack of posts are extremely unglamorous. A simple of case of too much work and too many hours being {more}

Just a short public service announcement to my time-poor lunching friends in the Melbourne CBD. I waited 20 minutes for a Bento Box at Ramen Ya (at the GPO Building) today. 20 minutes is 3 + billable units. It is enough time for me to dictate 2 letters, or, more importantly, buy a new pair of shoes. Sadly, when the Bento Box finally turned {more}

Blood oranges are one those fruits that only have a very short season in Australia. At the moment we are smack back in the middle of blood orange season and I am making the most of it – stocking up on these crimson fleshed beauties for cakes, Italian-style orange and fennel salads and as a {more}

On Melbourne Cup Day, we caught up with some friends over a ‘pot luck’ style BBQ. As usual I over-catered and brought along a few dips, a Blood Orange Syrup Cake and some home-made BBQ chicken skewers. Out of the dips I brought along, the Baba Ghanoush - a Middle Eastern eggplant based dip – seemed {more}

I met up with a group of girls in the town the other week, for a long overdue chat over coffee. Collectively, I will refer to this group of ladies as The Mysterious Girls – which was the name they adopted for one of their recent sporting endeavours. The Mysterious Girls are an amazing group of {more}

As I mentioned a few post back, Glamorous Sister No. 2 and her boyfriend, The Strong Silent Type, were down in Melbourne for a visit last weekend. Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny Spring day, so we all jumped in the car and drove down to the Peninsula to soak in the hot springs. On the {more}