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I cannot believe that we are already at the end of 2010. Our first full year in Melbourne has certainly flown by.  I am very excited that there are only 4 working days of the year left before The Brooding Architect and I jet off to Queensland for Christmas and the New Year. (I promise {more}

I am self-described lover of lists, organisation and the associated stationary which comes with this affliction (post-it notes, highlighters, bulldog clips – you name it and I’ve got it). So, unsurprisingly, I like to get my Christmas presents ticked off the list and gift-wrapped (preferably in well matched gift wrap and ribbon – this year’s {more}

For those of you feeling a bit guilty about over indulging in a bit too much ‘Christmas Cheer’ -  I just got sent this fantastic email from a Fabulous Work Colleague with the very apt message “food for thought”  and just had to share it. FW: Lifestyle Choices at Christmas TO: The Hungry Lawyer This woman {more}

For my recent absence. It is that time of year where lawyers have to do lots of working lunches and dinners. This week I have already been to the Italian and Tutto Bene. Today I am off for what The Brooding Architect calls a “girl power” lunch at one of my favourites, Red Spice Road. Sadly, while I am {more}

Recently I broke up with my hairdresser. To be completely honest, it was one of those ‘relationships’ that was just never going to work from the start. To begin with, our relationship born out of convenience. I was missing, Yanni, the Master Stylist with the magic scissors and cape from Vogue Nationale in Brisbane and I desperately needed a Melbourne {more}