I know, I know – I failed to action my task list in a timely fashion last week. Blame the newly re-branded Virgin Australia who cancelled our return flight from Brisbane on Sunday afternoon, which meant that I got home at 11pm, on Sunday night, leaving me playing catch up on “life administration” (credit to {more}

After a few weekends chained to the drawing board, The Brooding Architect finally had an entire office-free weekend.  To celebrate his new found freedom,  we took a leisurely stroll down to the Rathdowne Street in North Carlton in search of a new breakfast haunt.  Since my new Melissa sandals were starting to rub (somehow, I don’t think {more}

Recently I broke up with my hairdresser. To be completely honest, it was one of those ‘relationships’ that was just never going to work from the start. To begin with, our relationship born out of convenience. I was missing, Yanni, the Master Stylist with the magic scissors and cape from Vogue Nationale in Brisbane and I desperately needed a Melbourne {more}

I met up with a group of girls in the town the other week, for a long overdue chat over coffee. Collectively, I will refer to this group of ladies as The Mysterious Girls – which was the name they adopted for one of their recent sporting endeavours. The Mysterious Girls are an amazing group of {more}

Last Saturday was the holy grail of Saturdays’ – as it was completely and blissfully commitment and errand free. As you might have guessed by the high number of breakfast posts, my favourite way to ease into a lazy weekend is to read the papers (okay, the magazines and lift-outs that come with the papers) {more}

Last weekend The Brooding Architect ventured out to Moonee Ponds to battle with an Apple Reseller about a faulty keyboard. Let’s just say we left empty handed, but after a long and painful phone battle with the Apple call centre ‘drones’ on Monday morning, we will be picking up the replacement keyboard next weekend. Since we {more}

The Brooding Architect and I first visited Jungle Juice about 4 years ago, when we were still living in Brisbane and on holidays in Melbourne. In typical Melbourne style the weather was wet and miserable (despite being Spring) and being Queenslanders, we were grossly under prepared and sought refuge in this cozy, hole in the wall café. Even {more}

After a full day of wine touring, The Brooding Architect and I spent a morning recovering (letting the alcohol seep from our pores) at the Peninsula Hot Springs. A morning of soaking in 42 degree pools, followed by saunas and plunge pools really works up the appetite. On the way back to Melbourne, we stopped {more}

On Election Day 2010, The Brooding Architect and I had a pre-voting breakfast at one of our local Brunswick favourites, Rays. The breakfast gave me enough time to pour through the papers one last time to work out who the hell I was actually going to vote for. Deciding who to vote for had never {more}

Our friend, The Doctor, introduced The Brooding Architect and I to Balha’s not long after we moved to Melbourne. Worst mistake ever. Being walking distance to the hands down the best Lebanese pastries in Melbourne is dangerous. Even more dangerous is the fact that the pastries here are available to buy in 1kg lots. I {more}