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A1 Bakery, Brunswick

As I mentioned a few posts back, The Brooding Architect is a big pizza fan.  In his mind the only thing better than a pizza date is a cheap (but good) pizza date.

One of your local haunts is the A1 Bakery. The decor, staff and prices at A1 Bakery have not changed since the 1980s. It is real deal, grungy, ‘Death in Brunswick’ Brunswick.  Make-shift Bunnings rattan fencing separates the café component of A1 Bakery from the food store, extended Lebanese families are tucking into the fresh baked bread (still hot from the oven) and old men sit and sip on their short blacks. No snarky hipster staff  in sight. It is fantastic.

The pizza at A1 Bakery is outrageously cheap (but good). A supreme pizza topped with hot salami, tangy feta cheese, olives and lots of vegetables will only set you back $6.00.  This is it in all of its glory.

A1 Bakery Pizza - An unbelievable $6

In place of the usual tomato sauce base, the Lebanese style pizzas at A1 have a  zaatar base. Zaatar is a Middle-Eastern herb and spice mixture, mixed together with sesame, sumac and salt for texture.  It is tangy and sharp and adds a real ‘zing’ to the pizzas.

Spend your change on Lebanese soft drinks, not for recommend retail sale in Australia. Tastes like fizzy liquefied barley sugar, surprisingly good.

Surprisingly good despite not being recommend for retail sale in Australia

The only thing better value than the pizzas at A1 Bakery are the $3 Cheese and Spinach Triangles, but that it is a story for another day.

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