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Hausfrau Bakery and Cakes, Yarraville

The Brooding Architect and I are rapidly approaching our second wedding anniversary. Our first wedding anniversary was a bit of a write off as we were not even living in the same city. So this year I am feeling the pressure to go to some kind of effort to express my love and appreciation for the swell guy that manages to put up with my own personal brand of crazy.

In my food obsessed mind, nothing says true love like the fig tarts and mascarpone tarts topped with shards of caramel from Hausfrau at Yarraville (apparently the suburb the ‘The Wog Boy’ was filmed in).

The ultimate $14 date - Turkish meatball pizza, fig tart and a coffee

Throw in a Turkish pizza with meatballs and a flat white and this date will only set you back $14. Romantic and thrifty.

Unfortunately I already used up the fig tart idea on an ‘everyday cheap date’ a while back, so it is back to the drawing board.  Suggestions welcome.

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