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Nabiha, Moonee Ponds

Last weekend The Brooding Architect ventured out to Moonee Ponds to battle with an Apple Reseller about a faulty keyboard. Let’s just say we left empty handed, but after a long and painful phone battle with the Apple call centre ‘drones’ on Monday morning, we will be picking up the replacement keyboard next weekend.

Since we were out at Moonee Ponds, I was keen to check out Nabiha, a cafe I have read lots of good things about (including consistently high coffee ratings on the Bean Hunter Website).

Nabiha is located on Hall Street, just off Moonee Ponds main shopping strip, Puckle Street – next door to Bill Shorten MP’s office.  I jokingly asked The Brooding Architect if he thought we would be seated next to Bill. After much eye rolling from The Brooding Architect in response  to my question, imagine my surprise (smugness?) when Bill rocked up and was seated two tables away from us!  The Brooding Architect – probably in good taste – refused to let me ‘pap’ Bill for this post.

Nabiha from Hall Street - Bill Shorten MP's office is on the left

Given that much of Moonee Ponds feels you are stepping back in time to the mid-1990s, Nabiha has a refreshingly modern and funky fit-out. Extra points for the fantastic Rona Green screens which run along the front of the cafe, custom stools and the bonsai tree on each table.

Exterior of Nabiha - Note the bonsai on each table
Rona Green Screen Art
Custom Stool

We ordered 4 excellent flat whites ($3.50 each) – all strong, creamy and smooth. In the middle of guzzling our second coffees, the waitress let us in on the secret that all Nabiha coffees are double shots. Needless to say, we were buzzing for the rest of the afternoon.

Nabiha Double Shot Flat White

Food wise, we ordered 2 breakfast meals – 1 savoury and 1 sweet to ‘share’.

I ordered the Grilled Eggs with potato, mushroom, roasted tomato, cannellini beans, chorizo and feta ($12.90).  Despite a long list of ingredient this dish was actually very simple and fresh. The eggs were well cooked, with lovely oozing centres – which you could dip your toast in like soldiers. The chorizo was spicy and smoky, but was used in moderation so it did not overpower the other flavours. Lots of chunks of potato covered in delicious cheese too. Highly recommended.

Grilled Eggs - $12.90

The Brooding Architect ordered fruit toast, topped with fresh ricotta, flaked almonds and cinnamon ($8.50). The combination of honey, almonds and cinnamon was delicious and sweet (but not too ‘sickly’ sweet, if you know what I mean).  The use of fresh ricotta means that the dish has a smooth, creamy texture – nothing at all like the grainy store bought tubs of ricotta you get from Coles or Woolworths. A few of the stalls in the Deli Hall at the Queen Victoria Markets sell fresh ricotta for about $6 a kilo. Pick up a small wedge to try – say about $2 worth – and I promise you that you will never go back to the supermarket varieties.

Fruit Toast with Ricotta, Honey & Almonds - $8.50

Nabiha also had a full cabinet display of gorgeous looking glazed danishes and other sweet treats, which  I resisted as we were heading back to the House of Trouser for a BBQ and Part 2 of the AFL Grand Final.  I will definitely try something next weekend though, when we head out to the Apple Reseller again to finally pick up the replacement keyboard.

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