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Ramen Ya, Melbourne CBD

Just a short public service announcement to my time-poor lunching friends in the Melbourne CBD.

I waited 20 minutes for a Bento Box at Ramen Ya (at the GPO Building) today. 20 minutes is 3 + billable units. It is enough time for me to dictate 2 letters, or, more importantly, buy a new pair of shoes. Sadly, when the Bento Box finally turned up it was really average – even when judged by $11 takeaway lunch standards. The only thing that irks me more than waiting too long for food,  is waiting too long for shitty food.

Save your time and pennies for the sensational sushi rolls from Kenzan, only a few shops down.  I highly recommend the soft shell crab roll.

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  1. Billy said at 2:34 pm on November 9, 2010:

    Sad to hear – but why would anyone go to Ramen Ya and NOT get the ramen?

  2. The Hungry Lawyer said at 2:48 pm on November 9, 2010:

    Billy: I agree, generally would not order anything but ramen from a ramen shop, however I find that take-away soup does not travel very well. I always end up with soup juice all over my clothes. Not a good look for an afternoon meeting. Do you recommend the Ramen Ya ramen?

  3. Jess said at 3:58 pm on November 9, 2010:

    Ramen Ya ramen is one of the best ramens in Melbourne.

    You know, unless you’re a Japanese Ramen Master.

  4. The Hungry Lawyer said at 4:45 pm on November 9, 2010:

    Jess: Thanks for the tip. Not a Japanese ramen master, but I am partial to a good ramen, after getting hooked on the fatty pork broth goodness a few years ago while holidaying in Tokyo. The ramen people were tucking into as I was waiting certainly looked A LOT better than my bento box. Looks like my bad experience at Ramen Ya could be my own fault – a direct result of poor ordering.

  5. The fashionable lawyer said at 12:52 am on November 10, 2010:

    Sadly when I went last time in June, the ramen was average n definitely didn’t live up to its hype… I wouldnt recommend any ramen unless u’re really desperate… My Japanese instant noodle ramen box tastes better than what’s served there!!

    Hope u find a good jap restaurant/ takeaway soon!! I know sometimes a sushi roll just doesn’t satisfy the jap cravings!!!

    IK 🙂

  6. The Hungry Lawyer said at 7:34 am on November 10, 2010:

    The Fashionable Lawyer: You will be pleased to know that I have found a great Japanese place down here – Hako – just next to my building on Flinders Lane. The problem is that now that I am being forced to embrace my inner thrift by the Brooding Architect, the prices there don’t fit into the $10 lunch budget. On the plus side, Hako is included as a meal option for the after-hours dinner service, so I can treat myself when working late.

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