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Ray’s Cafe, Brunswick

On Election Day 2010, The Brooding Architect and I had a pre-voting breakfast at one of our local Brunswick favourites, Rays. The breakfast gave me enough time to pour through the papers one last time to work out who the hell I was actually going to vote for.

Deciding who to vote for had never really been issue for me before. I am not ashamed to admit that I have always been an ALP voter – heck, in 2007 I was the proud owner of a Kevin 07 T-Shirt. Fast forward to 2010 and the problem I faced was that every point of difference between the ALP and the Coalition had all but vanished. It seems I had a lot of thinking to do.

To kick start my Saturday morning brain, I ordered two strong flat whites ($3.50 each) and the Brahart baked beans with chilli labna and toasted pide ($9.50).

The coffee at Rays is consistently good. Strong, thick and creamy.

The baked beans also did not disappoint. There was a mixture of red kidney beans, navy beans and cannelloni beans swimming in a tomato sauce with a little chilli kick. The toasted pide was perfect to mop up the remnants of the tomato sauce and the  tangy chilli labna took simple baked beans to the next level.

I also picked at The Brooding Architect’s poached eggs with prosciutto, tomato chutney and pecorino, served with sourdough ($14) . These poached eggs were cooked perfectly – with an oozing, almost orange yolk. I am a sucker for a good tomato chutney too – done well I think it can make anything taste a bit fancy. The tomato chutney at Rays is just the way I like it – smoky, sweet and tangy all rolled into one, with lots of chunky bits like mustard seeds and diced onion for texture. The saltiness of the shaved pecorino then brings all the flavors of this dish together.

To cut a long, rambling story short, after my brain had been sufficiently fuelled , Election Day 2010 was the first time I voted Green (albeit in the Senate only, not the House of Reps). The reasoning for this was that no matter which of the major parties got into power that there would be a party in the Senate moderating their decision making.

Two weeks later and it seems that we still don’t have a majority government. If you had told me on Election Day that Bob Katter Junior would be running our country, I might have needed more than a strong coffee  before casting my vote.

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