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Red Hill Brewery, Red Hill

I have a confession to make. I have actually had this post sitting in my drafts for some time now, but have held off publishing it due to the dismal weather. However, finally, after a few sneaky days (weeks? months?)  of rain, summer – aka perfect beer drinking weather – seems to be back with a vengence and I now feeling sufficiently ‘inspired’ to tell you about my (semi) recent trip to the Red Hill Brewery.
As mentioned a few posts back, The Brooding Architect and I recently had a whirlwind weekend visit from Glamorous Sister No. 2 and her boyfriend, The Strong Silent Type.  To be completely honest, a whole lot of the weekend was about the things Glamorous Sister No. 2 wanted to do – we drank lots of coffee, we shopped for turbans and we ate. There is however one thing we did just to light up The Strong Silent Type’s trip – we visited the Red Hill Brewery for a tasting paddle of their finest brews.
The Red Hill Brewery are a local Victorian craft brewers based down at the Mornington Peninsula – which,  as you can see, is an absolutely gorgeous part of the world on a sunny day.
The view from the Peninsula lookout

After a scenic drive along  Shoreham Road, we arrived at the Brewery. Although it’s a bit hard to tell from this photo, for a man who does not get excited too often, The Strong Silent Type was over the moon. If you squint, you can just make out the beginning of a smile under the cap.

The Strong Silent Type at the Brewhouse
We ordered the tasting paddles, which let you taste the Brewery’s three specialty beers – Golden Ale, Wheat Beer and Scotch Ale – as well as one of their seasonal brews.  We scored the Temptation, which is a refreshing, golden, Belgian-style beer. Extremely refreshing on a hot summer’s day.  The current seasonal brew is the Christmas Ale – which I have been told is sensational. A perfect last minute Christmas present for the man who has everything, or is just too hard to shop for.
Attached to the Brewery is a relaxed cafe, which has a lovely big timber deck on the back, surrounded by the leafy, green hops grown on site used to produce the beers. The perfect spot to sit and enjoy your beer on a relaxed Saturday afternoon.

Tasting Paddle of Brews

The group favourite was the award winning, Golden Ale – a crisp, pilsner-stlye, pale ale with loads of fruity flavour.  We ended up buying a few 6 packs for the road (only half of which made it back to Melbourne). If you like what you see, the full list of beers produced on site can be found on the Brewery’s website. A brief word of warning though, some of the beers at the Red Hill Brewery pack quite a punch – the Temptation has an 8% alcohol content –  meaning you will need to allocate a designated driver.
Since we were absolutely stuffed with treats from our earlier stop at the Red Hill Kitchen,  we did not order any snacks to go with our beers. I have to say that I got some serious food lust when I saw the Brewmaster’s Ploughmans come out to another table. House made pickled onions (one my absolute favourite snack foods no less) , pork pie, ham and vintage cheddar – perfect beer drinking food. I cannot wait to go back and try it for myself.

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  1. Alanjohn R Jones said at 8:47 am on December 17, 2010:

    Perhaps in the month of Jan there is a trip south for a look at the Ploughmans that you speak of?…

  2. The Brewers Wife said at 10:15 am on December 26, 2010:

    Why thanks! Hope you do make it back for lunch one day soon.

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