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STREAT Food Cart, Federation Square

Like every second person in Melbourne, The Brooding Architect and I went over to NGV on Saturday to catch the European Masters Exhibition before the collection is packed up and is sent back to the Städel Museum in Frankfurt.

As expected the art was spectacular, with pieces by Monet, Renoir, Rodin and my personal favorite, Max Beckmann.  Also, as expected, the crowds were hideous. Prams being used as battering rams, people taking sly (and not-so-sly) photos of the art on their iPhones and teenage boys complaining that the women in the nudes were “fat chicks”. Once we made it through the madding crowd at NGV (without getting into a single fight or being rammed by a single pram), I decided to reward myself with a taco from the STREAT Food Cart at Federation Square.

STREAT Food Cart

STREAT is a social enterprise,which provides hospitality training and job opportunities for young people who have been living on the street or are at risk of being on the street.  All of the profits from the STREAT Food Carts, goes back to funding the STREAT training program, which means that even more young people get to benefit.

By buying your lunch from the STREAT Food Cart, not only are you supporting a great cause, but you are also getting some fantastic, authentic Mexican food – at unbelievably low prices. Tacos are only $4.50 each, or you can get the ‘Taco Combo’ for $10.50, which gets you you 2 tacos, as well as a Phoenix Organics soft drink to wash it all down. No surprise that The Brooding Architect and I got a Taco Combo each.

Taco + Drink

The tacos are wrapped with a gluten-free, maize (corn) flour tortilla and you can choose between two types of filling – a beef chorizo filling, or refriedblack beans. The tacos are then topped with  Queso Panela (a Mexican style cottage cheese), salsa verde (green sauce) and home-made pickled cactus, made from cactus pads grown in North-East Victoria. There is also plenty of extra hot sauce available on the side – if you like your Mexican with a little bit of kick.


The pickled cactus was really interesting – I have never eaten anything like it before. It had a similar texture to a pickled eggplant and had a lovely sour / spicy / tangy flavour. It was a great, fresh contrast to the refried black beans.

If you are a big Mexican fan, I strongly recommend picking up a Frequent Meal Card. Once you buy 9 Taco Combos, your meal card will be collected by STREAT and your 10th free meal will be provided to a homeless person.

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