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Sugardough Panificio and Patisserie, Brunswick East

Recently I broke up with my hairdresser. To be completely honest, it was one of those ‘relationships’ that was just never going to work from the start. To begin with, our relationship born out of convenience. I was missing, Yanni, the Master Stylist with the magic scissors and cape from Vogue Nationale in Brisbane and I desperately needed a Melbourne hairdresser. This was the first hairdresser I tried. It was walking distance from home, right next door to one my regular coffee spots, it had a great collection of magazines (including National Geographic) and they served beer. On paper it should have worked… Sadly, we just never clicked. They just never ‘got’ what I wanted to do with my hair and I felt like I was walking out with the same, heavy fringed haircut every 8 weeks. It was a vicious cycle.

The Brooding Architect is convinced that my break-up story is bullshit and that the only reason I wanted to change hairdressers is because my new hairdresser is directly across the road from the jam and custard filled bomboloni doughnuts at Sugardough. He may just have a point…

I used my first haircut with the ‘other hairdresser’, as an excuse to meet up with some friends – The Esoteric Educator and The Film Buff Lawyer – for a late breakfast.

Lots of food writers and bloggers have raved about Sugardough over the years, so I won’t repeat the same details over again. In true, lawyer bullet point list style, I will highlight the important stuff though:

  • All of the baked treats are made on-site;
  • The sweets are exceptional (even “breakfast dessert” is a must);
  • It is cheap;
  • It is popular – expect to have wait for a table on the weekend; and
  • It is cash only.

I ordered the Breakfast Tart – generous layers of whole free range eggs, ham, tomato and spinach encased in flaky pastry base.

The Breakfast Tart

The Brooding Architect and The Esoteric Educator were both ‘carb loading’ for the following day’s bike ride, so ordered the Egg & Bacon Panini. This is the ultimate hangover sandwich – fried free range bacon, fried eggs, gooey melted cheese and tomato relish.  The relish is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, cutting through the richness of the bacon and cheese. I swear I took a photo of this amazing sandwich – but it is nowhere to be found on The Brooding Architect OCD-style date and time catalougued photos. You will just have to trust me that it looked just as good as it sounds.

The Film Buff Lawyer was very retrained and ordered the granola – sadly my hands were covered in the Breakfast Tart, so I was not quick enough for a photo. It was filled with lots of good stuff – and looked devoid of the dreaded ‘filler fruits’.

While making room for our “breakfast dessert”, we washed our meals down with a couple of strong flat whites and admired the kitsch 1950s-style pastchio green fit-out. The coffees were well made – strong and creamy.

Savouring a coffee to make room for "breakfast dessert"

For our “breakfast dessert” we shared some fresh-baked almond croissants and some jam and custard filled bomboloni doughnuts.

The still-warm-from-the-oven almond croissants were sensational, ticking all of the right boxes –  deep yellow colour (evidence of truck loads of butter in true French style – much like the ones Emmanuel made on Poh’s Kitchen), filled with a rich almond cream and drizzled with a sweet sugar syrup.

The still-warm-from-the-oven almond croissants

I have saved the absolute best bakery treat for last though – the bomboloni. According to Wikipedia, the English translation for bomboloni is ‘large bombs’. True to translation, the bomboloni doughnuts at Sugardough are fantastically large balls of sweet pastry, injected with jam (or custard, or chocolate) and then liberally rolled in sugar. You could say that they are a ‘bomb’ for your arteries if you ate them everyday – although I am certain one per week is okay…

Jam Filled Bombolini

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3 Comments on “Sugardough Panificio and Patisserie, Brunswick East”

  1. Alanjohn R Jones said at 8:19 am on December 3, 2010:

    Love this, I want it!…

  2. Catherine said at 2:34 am on December 7, 2010:

    I love your blog! I’m moving to Brisbane in a month, and taking a trip down to Melbourne is very high on my to-do list… My partner, a Queensland native, insists that the food and shopping is the best in Australia. I’m going to use your blog to help plan the eating programme on our trip, and I’ll let you know how it all goes!
    – Catherine at The Spring

  3. The Hungry Lawyer said at 7:53 am on December 7, 2010:

    Catherine: Thanks so much for your feedback – always surprises me when someone apart from my mum (mom?) reads the blog! Sounds like you have a very exciting food and life journey ahead of you. As a Queensland native myself – and Brisbane resident of 10 years – can I suggest that you check out some of these places when you get to Brisbane: Bar Alto at the Powerhouse (nothing better than a G&T on a Sunday afternoon overlooking the Brisbane river), Anise (fantastic French bistro in New Farm), Choquette (a gorgeous French bakery, also in New Farm – fabulous pastries and éclairs), Sassafras (top breakfast spot in Paddington), Brother Espresso (great coffee shop in the Brisbane CBD) and the Davies Park Market at West End (fresh produce market, along the banks of the Brisbane River at West End – look for the Argentinean sausage stall). Hopefully that’s enough to get you started on your Australian eating programme!

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