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Before I went away for Christmas, I spent 3 nights furiously Midnight Baking* special Christmas treats for my family, as well as the wonderful ladies and gents I work with. (Tip to young lawyers – a good relationship with your secretary, the search clerks and the photocopy guy are integral to your success!). *Midnight Baking {more}

This Christmas I conquered one of my food fears – I roasted a whole turkey and, thanks to a block of butter and frequent basting, the end result was not turkey jerky AKA the dinner scene from the classic Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (You Tube link for the uninitiated here). I stuffed my {more}

Over the past few years, as my sisters and I have brought home boyfriends, husbands, a baby and in-laws, our family Christmas has grown from a manageable lunch for our immediate family, to lunch for a cast of thousands (okay, more like 18). To feed the ever-growing masses, a Baked Glazed Ham has become a {more}

I cannot believe that we are already at the end of 2010. Our first full year in Melbourne has certainly flown by.  I am very excited that there are only 4 working days of the year left before The Brooding Architect and I jet off to Queensland for Christmas and the New Year. (I promise {more}

It is still November, however the pre-Christmas madness has well and truly descended.  I, as always, am avoiding the crowds and doing the bulk of my shopping online.  (I swear, although it does not seem like it, this post will be loosely food and drink related). When I was trawling through THE online mecca of gifts {more}