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I have been a bad blogger over the last week . I blame: Having to be a ‘real lawyer’ and preparing not one but two matters for trial this week; and A whirlwind weekend visit from Glamorous Sister No. 2. Anyway, enough excuses – let’s just say I have lots of food stories to catch {more}

In addition to being members of the Red Wine Club, The Brooding Architect and I are also members of a Pizza Club. Generally, the Brooding Architect is not a fan of organised group activities. More often than not he prefers to chill out at home with some beers and our latest obsession, the late 90s {more}

Since moving to Melbourne, The Brooding Architect and I have been fortunate enough to meet a group of friends who share our love for a drop of red. One night after far too many drinks, the Red Wine Club was born. The concept of the Red Wine Club is simple – bring a bottle (or {more}