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Without a doubt my favourite thing about Melbourne in the summer time is daylight savings. As someone whose winter sunshine consists entirely of office fluorescent lights and the brightness of my computer screen, I use daylight savings to catch up on some much needed Vitamin D. The Brooding Architect and I like to make the {more}

As long time readers will know, The Brooding Architect is my harshest food critic – particularly in  respect to my baking. He comes from a long line of ‘baking purists’ and gets very anxious about my somewhat relaxed attitude towards baking, alleging that my unauthorised recipe modifications often result in ‘rock cakes’. This month’s Delicious {more}

The Brooding Architect has caught the dreaded ‘change of season cold’ that seems to be lurking in every office and on every tram in Melbourne. He has spent 3 days on bed rest, eating nothing but restorative chicken and ginger soup. However, today his health seems to have turned a corner and to celebrate the {more}

Over the weekend I celebrated another ‘closer to 30 than 20′ birthday. To mark the occasion, The Brooding Architect and I held an afternoon picnic along the banks of the Yarra River with a lovely group of old and some very new friends (special mention to the newest of them all – The Tall Professor). {more}

The Brooding Architect has been ridiculously busy at work over the past few weeks, with lots of weekends and late nights. However, unlike many law firms (you all know the main offenders), architectural practices expect you to have a life and as such don’t have  ‘after hours meals policies’. My solution was to make The {more}

I went down to the Disney Exhibition at ACMI last weekend. As a child who was raised by Disney – largely by pirated video tapes my parents bought while we were living in Malaysia in the early 90s  – it was pure heaven. Some of my happiest childhood memories involve Queensland summer storms, The Little {more}

Last weekend The Brooding Architect and I went along to a pot luck dinner party hosted by our good friend, The Film Buff Lawyer. For the uninitiated a pot luck dinner is, as the name suggests, a dinner party where everyone brings a dish to add to the feast. I was absolutely blown away by {more}

Before I went away for Christmas, I spent 3 nights furiously Midnight Baking* special Christmas treats for my family, as well as the wonderful ladies and gents I work with. (Tip to young lawyers – a good relationship with your secretary, the search clerks and the photocopy guy are integral to your success!). *Midnight Baking {more}

This Christmas I conquered one of my food fears – I roasted a whole turkey and, thanks to a block of butter and frequent basting, the end result was not turkey jerky AKA the dinner scene from the classic Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (You Tube link for the uninitiated here). I stuffed my {more}

I cannot believe that we are already at the end of 2010. Our first full year in Melbourne has certainly flown by.  I am very excited that there are only 4 working days of the year left before The Brooding Architect and I jet off to Queensland for Christmas and the New Year. (I promise {more}