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This weekend The Brooding Architect and I were meant to be on a booze-free (okay, booze limited) detox. Somehow, under The Doctor’s orders, we ended up drinking far too many beers, followed by red wine and gin. Anyway, I blame one of my favorite drops – Passion Has Red Lips – for straying from the {more}

I am one of those annoying people who is never able to give people recipes, as often I just make things up as I am cooking them. These Rustic Ricotta Meatballs are no exception. Although the recipe tends to change slightly each time I make a batch (depending on what is in the fridge), the {more}

Since moving to Melbourne, The Brooding Architect and I have been fortunate enough to meet a group of friends who share our love for a drop of red. One night after far too many drinks, the Red Wine Club was born. The concept of the Red Wine Club is simple – bring a bottle (or {more}