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As long time readers will know, The Brooding Architect is my harshest food critic – particularly in  respect to my baking. He comes from a long line of ‘baking purists’ and gets very anxious about my somewhat relaxed attitude towards baking, alleging that my unauthorised recipe modifications often result in ‘rock cakes’. This month’s Delicious {more}

Apart from food, one of my other addictions in life is frocks. New (preferably Leona),  vintage, subtle black or clashing colour prints – I can’t get enough! Much to The Brooding Architect’s dismay, my collection of dresses is always increasing.  It has got to the point that he has had to impose a (poorly enforced) {more}

The Brooding Architect has caught the dreaded ‘change of season cold’ that seems to be lurking in every office and on every tram in Melbourne. He has spent 3 days on bed rest, eating nothing but restorative chicken and ginger soup. However, today his health seems to have turned a corner and to celebrate the {more}

Last weekend The Brooding Architect and I went along to a pot luck dinner party hosted by our good friend, The Film Buff Lawyer. For the uninitiated a pot luck dinner is, as the name suggests, a dinner party where everyone brings a dish to add to the feast. I was absolutely blown away by {more}

Before I went away for Christmas, I spent 3 nights furiously Midnight Baking* special Christmas treats for my family, as well as the wonderful ladies and gents I work with. (Tip to young lawyers – a good relationship with your secretary, the search clerks and the photocopy guy are integral to your success!). *Midnight Baking {more}

Blood oranges are one those fruits that only have a very short season in Australia. At the moment we are smack back in the middle of blood orange season and I am making the most of it – stocking up on these crimson fleshed beauties for cakes, Italian-style orange and fennel salads and as a {more}

For the past few months I have been getting my weekly supply of fruit and vegies from the CERES Fair Food service (previously known as CERES Food Connect). CERES Food Connect is an organic food delivery service, where you purchase direct from the farmer. All of the fruit and vegetables are sourced locally and the {more}